Community Mission

This site was created a to be a develoment blog for Mike Ruhl. It will eventually move to a full-featured site offering development services through the name While that is being developed, a dev blog will take center stage on the domain. I am a self-taught developer who has relied heavily on the community to teach me. This includes co-workers, coding forums, tutorial sites like pluralsight, and good old fashioned books. I absolutely love it and want to help others too. You can find me on codenewbies slack, Stack Overflow, and CodeFights. You can ask questions directly in any channel I've provided. is a small company that does desktop, mobile, and web development. At the moment, it is income-less but has infrastructure. If you're looking to host a website, contact me. We can work out the details. I have about 10 years of devops and development experience. My day job is working for a Fortune 500 company as an Application Lead for internal software that involves full-stack development.

Commenting Policy has the capacity and right to delete any comment it deems unnecessary to social or intellectual progress. This is a development blog, comments should be crafted to offer help to other developers or to ask for help.

Hate Speech

IAny hate speech will not be tolerated and all steps to ban the user will be taken. This is everyone's warning. Hate speech includes slurs, suggesting violence towards a group, suggesting another group is worth less than another group, and suggesting your group is better than other groups. This list is not inclusive. Bottom line: don't be a dick. I'm not a Berkley student banning free speech but I'm also not someone to provide a platform for bigotry.

Bounty Program

You get Karma for alerting admins of hate speech or other banned content.